Decorative objects

selected antiques

We run a small gallery of decorative objects.

Theese are examples of pieces in stock right now

Item no 33  For you fireplace, a pair of brass dated ca 1850

Item no 34  Rustic objects, allmoge

Item no 35  Sold

Item no 36  Gustavian chandelier dated ca 1790

Item no 37  Candlesticks, all kinds

Item no 38  Empire clock in guilded wood dated ca 1810, Sweden

Item no 39  Set of black leather bind 

Item no 40  Set of leather bind

Item no 41  Swedish pewter, all kinds

Item no 42  Pair of empire candelabra, France ca 1810 

Item no 43 Pair of empire appliques, France ca 1820

Item no 44  Pewter plates, different sizes, Sweden 

Item no 45  Baroque style chandelier in, dated ca 1880

Item no 46  Grandfather clocks in original colour, Bornholm Denmark ca 1820

Item no 47  Copper pans, Sweden 18th and 19th C

Item no 48  Copper pans, Sweden 18th and 19th C