Our story

We, Maria and Jan Åke af Trampe, started the company 2002 after acquiring the beautiful, abandoned gustavian manor house Gransholm outside Växjö in the south of Sweden. The idea was to create a unique showroom for antiques where the authentic setting, the quality and presentation would be of great importance.

The Manor Gransholm

Gransholm has a long, exciting history as a country seat and bishop homestead from early 15th century.

Situated along the lively river Mörrumsån / Helige Å it was a natural place for watermills and small industries to establish. In 1802 Gransholms bruk developed into a fine papermill and in 1812 the owner completed the manorhouse as family residence. A three storeyed late gustavian building of 1.000 m2. This is where we run our business today!

What we do

Based upon over 40 years of experience we run an advanced trade of antiques on a daily basis. We buy and sell swedish, northern and continental furniture and decorative objects, high and low, selected and special. We have a deep respect for everything authentic!

The strength is the completeness;

  • Unique showroom – 16 furnished rooms
  • Unrestored stock in warehouses – 2.000 m2
  • Carpentry workshop
  • Painter´s studio
  • Upholsterer
  • Transports

All the competence in the house - together we achieve amazing results!